Jawa Pos Koran

Jawa Pos Koran

Jawa Pos Koran

Jawa Pos Koran – Jawa Pos is a daily newspaper based in Surabaya, East Java. Jawa Pos is the largest dailies in East Java, and is one of the largest circulation newspaper in Indonesia. Circulation Jawa Pos spread throughout East Java, Bali, and parts of Central Java and Yogyakarta. Jawa Pos claim as a “National Day Sunrise from Surabaya”.

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Jawa Pos Koran

Jawa Pos Koran

Leadership Dahlan Iskan

In 1982, Eric FH Samola, the time was Director of PT Grafiti Press (publishers of Tempo magazine) took over the Jawa Pos. With new management, Eric appoint Dahlan Iskan, who was previously the Head of Tempo in Surabaya to lead Jawa Pos. Eric Samola later died in 2000. Dahlan Iskan is a figure that makes the Jawa Post, who was near death with a circulation of 6000 copies, within 5 years of being a newspaper with a circulation of 300,000 copies.

Five years later formed the Jawa Pos News Network (JPNN), one of the biggest newspaper network in Indonesia, which has more than 80 newspapers, tabloids, and magazines, as well as 40 network printing in Indonesia. In 1997, Jawa Pos moved into a new building, Graha Pena, one of the skyscrapers in Surabaya. Graha Pena built in 2002 in Jakarta. And it emerged saati Graha Pena buildings in almost all regions in Indonesia.

In 2002, the Jawa Pos Group to build a second newsprint mill with a capacity of two times larger than the first plant. Now the factory, PT Adiprima Sura perinta, capable of producing 450 tons of newsprint / day. Locations factory in Gresik, only 45 minutes drive from Surabaya.

After successfully developing print media in Indonesia, in 2002 Jawa Pos Group set up local television stations JTV in Surabaya, Batam TV followed in Batam, Riau TV in Pekanbaru, Dawn TV in Makassar, Palembang in Palembang TV, Parijz van Java TV Bandung, Radar RCTV television in Cirebon Cirebon City Mayor.

Entering 2003, the Jawa Pos Group explore new business: Independent Power Plant. The first project is a 1 x 25 MW in the district. Gresik, near the paper mill. The second project of 2 x 25 MW, was founded in East Kalimantan, in cooperation with local companies.

In 2008, Jawa Pos Group adds new station: The Constitutional Court Television (MKtv) based in the Constitutional Court in Jakarta.

In 2009, Jawa Pos Group adds new data center: Fangbian Iskan Corporindo (FIC) based in Surabaya Graha Pena. Jawa Pos Koran

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